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How Do Caregivers Adapt as COVID Endures?

By Caitlin Rife, LMSW and Rachel Brodsky, MA, CMC Who would have thought that almost a year after the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic, we would still be in the throes of it, with no end in sight? This time has been difficult for everyone, but particularly so for older adults whose struggle with social isolation has

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Friendly Caller Program

Make a friend. Be a friend. Are you eager for meaningful conversations during this unprecedented time? Spend quality time with a new friend from the comfort of your own home, through the quick dial of a phone.

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Two senior friendly females laughing during tea time

Fitting in Later in Life

By Ilene Federman, LCSW-C The need to fit in never goes away. Remember back to middle school when you worried about who you would sit with at lunch?  Those same fears and anxieties can persist into old age. People are living longer and finding that life repeats itself.  They may relive the experience of being

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